MySop Manual

Version 3.0.3
Sep 9, 2008

1. Introduction

MySop is the web-based self-help SopCast Manage System. Click the "MySop" link on SopCast webpage menu bar to enter the system. In these system your can register user, update user profile and subscribe channels; register channels, manage channels and group your channels.

You must sign in before you can enter the system.

The MySop Manage System includes some modules as below:

My Account
My Channel
My Group

[Notes] Nowadays all service on are totally free to all. If you like SopCast and feel it's OK or good for you, please enjoy with the free service we provided. If not, you may consider other products of SopCast, maybe some will meet your requirement.

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2. My Account

2.1 Register User

Sign up an account on SopCast system.

If you just want to view the public channels, no need to sign up an account. Nowadays most channels on SopCast are public to all viewers.

However If you want to broadcast your own channels, apply for channel groups to manage your channels, or subscribe channels that need to be authorized, you have to sign up a SopCast account.

2.2 Update Profile

Update your user registration information.

2.3 Subscribe Channel

After user registration, the user can subscribe channels, he may apply to join channel groups that need "authorization". Authorized user can watch all channels in that group.

Registered users may also broadcast their own channel or apply for their own channel group.

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3. My Channel

3.1 Register Channel

User can register his own channel to broadcast his programs.

Channel Visibility:

Public channel: the channel will be listed in SopCast channel list if the channel in a public channel group.

Private channel: the channel will not be listed in SopCast channel list, but you can embed the channel on your own website. If system administrator find your channel is not fit to list in SopCast channel list, he will also change your channel to private one without any notify, or just shutdown the channel.

Broadcasting Type:

Live channel: real time stream channels, or file channels broadcasted as a live channel way.

VoD channel: Video on Demand channels, not open to public.

3.2 Broadcast Help

Broadcast channel with SopServer following this guide.

3.3 Manage Channel

Customize your channel settings:

: Edit the channel
: Add the channel to a group
: Add schedule for the channel
: Delete the channel

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4. My Group

Channel Group is a management unit of channels. Before broadcasting a channel, it must be added to at least one channel group which could be yours or others.

Channels from a group will inherit the attributes of the group.

4.1 Apply Group

If you have registered many channels or need authorization for channels, you can apply a channel group, thus you can manage channels by groups.

Group Type:

A - Fully Public

B - Free to watch, need authorization to broadcast

C - Free to broadcast, need authorization to watch

D - Need authorization to watch and broadcast

The group you applied need to be approved by system administrator. This process will take few days, please waiting patiently.

4.2 Manage Group

: Modify channel group settings
: Delete the channel group
: Manage users that subscribed this group, and manage channels that joined to the group.


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