Quick Channel

Version 3.4.0
Jun 16, 2011


In order to broadcast a channel in a more easy way, and welcome more users to test SopCast free broadcasting service, we add "quick channel" feature. With this feature, broadcasting channel need not to register user account, even need not register a channel on SopCast website www.sopcast.com. Just need to fill in your stream source address or select media file and press "Start" to start your channel.

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2. How to do this

2.1 start broadcasting

See the picture as follows:


1. Click "MyServer" tab in SopCast main interface.

2. Fill in Source and Channel name.

3. Click "Start" to start channel.

4. Click "Pro mode" to enter professional mode.

2.1 view channel

1. When the channel is broadcasting, the sop adress will be shown in "Sop addr." field, such as "sop://_5134c96076fd56bb15c98d568b7cb782b338273a8b9c33dadf360b4833d8464346edd1e5", you can emded the channel in your website or other place.

2. The channel will also be listed in "Quick Channel Group" of SopCast client in a few minutes after the channel starting. You can share your video in this easy way. see the picture as follows:




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