Embed Free SopPlayer to Your Own Website

Version 3.0.3
Sep 9, 2008

1. Introduction

With SopCast Streaming over P2P technology, even personal website or web space with limited bandwidth can broadcast video streams to public.

Sopcast has provided a free and friendly plug-in to incorporate P2P video playing into your own website. This document will guide you through the steps to embed Sopcast player into your website.

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2. How to do this

You may use the copy/paste function to insert code from our example package into your homepages.

There are mainly 3 ways to embed SopCast into your website:

A. With my favorite channels [1]

In this case, you can select your favorite channel to be embedded into your website. The channels can be broadcasted by others, or broadcasted by yourself.

B. With my favorite channels [2]

Same as A, however more flexibly.

C. With special group or channels list

In this case, you can designate a channel group id or channels id in the group, this approach lists the matched channels on your website, and the channels will be open in a pop-up windows when you click the channel name. This approach may be more usable.

D. With all channels that SopCast has (easy way)

In this case, the SopCast Player and all public channel list will be emebeded on your website, but with a simple way (using iframe).

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