SopCast P2P Set-Top Box

1. Introduction

SopCast P2p Set-Top Box (STB), based on SopCast P2P streaming technology, uses internet access and TV set to watch live TV. It is small, multifunctional and easy to use. Users from anywhere can watch live channels from all over the world. Once you have your TV set and an internet access (>= 1Mbps bandwidth), you can watch your favorite TV programs without any other limitations.


2. Usage and Main Interface

2.1 Usage


2.2 Main Interface


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3. Specification

Item Spec.
Power Input voltage: AC100V-220 V 50/60 Hz
Output voltage: DC 5V @ 2A
Size 14.6cm X 11cm X 2.5cm
Weight about 300 g
Product parts list Set-Top Box
Remote Control
Power Adapter
AV Cable
CAT5 Cable
User Manual
Interface List
  1. Power input
  2. VGA video output
  3. S-Video video output
  4. Mixed (Video) output
  5. Left track audio output
  6. Right track audio output
  7. RJ45 Ethernet port
  8. Remote Control receiver
  9. Power light
  10. Network light

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4. Service Provider

SopCast P2P STB System is designed for multi service provider. If customer have not only subscriber but also channels resource. They can apply to create a service provider on our STB system. In the system, service provider can customize their service title, build and broadcast channels, manage their own subscriber etc.


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5. Sales Information

5.1 Sales Method:

  • Wholesale from SopCast
  • From SopCast Product Agent
  • From Service Provider

5.2 Sales manager:

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